Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi


SS Samithi is a psychosocial rehabilitation Centre and registered as a Public Charity Organization. We entered into the service by providing free meals to the poor and destitute patients at district hospital, Kollam in 1994. Later we started SS Samithi (Sarvathrika Sahodaya Samithi) Abhayakendram at Mayyanad on August 15, 1998. At beginning there were 7 inmates and now we have around 400 inmates. More than 90% of our inmates are mentally ill and also they are taking psychiatric medicine. Most of the inmates were wandering in streets and were brought by public to samithi. Some wandering people are being brought here by police and social workers. A few of them are brought here with the recommendation of Government officials.

Once they reach us, we will clean them, put on good clothes and after observing them administering medicines and later on take them to Hospitals for further medication to MHC Trivandrum, Government District Hospital Kollam, Medical College Trivandrum, CHC Mayyanad, Holycross Hospital Kottiyam etc. We are having a team of experienced Psychiatric Social Workers, Staff Nurses and Care Givers for looking after them. We are providing them opportunity for morning walk, exercise, yoga, recreation, prayer etc. regularly. We are having periodic medical camps by distinguished Hospials.

After Medication and proper care they will recollect their whereabouts. Then we will try to contact them over phone, letters or by sending our volunteer to the said location to find out their relatives. Once we come across their relatives we will arrange to send them back to their natives. We are having people from all parts of India and belong to all religions and languages. We had sent back one inmate back to his native at Nepal. So far we had sent back more than 600 fully cured inmates to their homes.