Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi


S S Samithi is a charitable organization functioning since 1994, running Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Centers and Old age homes in Kollam District. Total numbers of inmates are almost 400. Mental sickness may be one and the only illness that the patients will not ask themselves for treatment because they are not aware about their sickness. As you have experienced, the mental patients roaming around the streets are not doing it deliberately, but are unaware about their own pathetic condition and need of treatment.
Most of our inmates are brought from the street roaming in the most ugliest pathetic state without any knowledge about themselves or their surroundings. Once we receive them, they are cleaned, bathed, given proper treatment, food and shelter, till they regain normalcy. Once they regain their consciousness, we try to gather maximum information about themselves. As soon as we get the details of their relatives or addresses will try to locate them and are rehabilitating the patients with their relatives. But this process is very lengthy and in many cases it takes years and sometimes it is impossible to trace their details. So many of them have to be rehabilitated in Abhayakendram itself.

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