S S Samithi Abhayakendram


Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi (SS Samithi) is a Psycho Social Rehabilitation Centre entered in to the social service for the upliftment of the downtrodden people in 1994. We started our activities at the District Government Hospital in Kollam, where urgent attention was required for the poor patients left out by their family and relatives. We have come across various kinds of People suffering from different kinds of diseases like mental illness, Mental Retardation, T.B , Physically handicapped, DE-addiction, Geriatric Problems and other Medical diseases. They were brought from remote areas in the District. In the beginning, our activities were concentrated on providing free food to about 100 poor and destitute patients at district hospital every day. Now we are providing food for more than 300 poor and destitute patients every day, and also decided to take full care of the people left out in the street and admitted to the Hospital.

We have realized that most of the mentally deranged patients reaching the city from different states are either thrown out by the family or have become wanderers due to their mental problem. Such mentally disabled patients couldn't remember either their place of origin or family They came to this extremely unhealthy condition due to lack of food, cleanliness and minimum requirements of clothing and toilet facilities. Under the auspices of the Samithi, a house of shelter, by the name “Sarvathrika Sahodarya Samithi Abhayakendram'' was started on 15th August 1998 at Mayyanad, 15 Kms away from Kollam city.

Presently around 400 members including mentally disabled persons, men women and Eight orphaned children taken from the streets are given the best medical treatment and taken care of by providing human assistance using the best methods of love and treatment .Thus they are made to feel homely life. From the total number of inmates who remained in the Samithi from the very beginning, the Samithi was able to send back home around 600 persons fully recovered from illness, and were totally capable of leading normal lives in the society.


Any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body.


The level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a living organism.


The process of adapting or adjusting to someone or something.

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